Find Expired Articles

Making a new unique content periodically and keep your website update is not an easy task, especially when you have a bunch of dummy websites. Some people ended up using paraphrasing tools such as article rewriter, article spinner, etc.

We all know that technique is a bit outdated that isn't effective anymore these days. There's a better way to get free contents for your websites, that is by using an expired article.

The Concept

There are a ton of expired domains that are no longer has an index in the particular search engine along with their contents.

With the help of Web Archive, you have a big chance to recycle them and re-post those contents on your own website without worrying about plagiarism.

Technically, this is just a tool that parses and renders content from Web Archive records. The software will search for domain records on the Web Archive website. Then it will try to detect whether the record is a valid article or not.

Warning: This module is still in beta. If you found a bug, please contact us immediately.

Using the Wayback Restorer

Simply click Wayback Restore menu, and the dialog window will show up asking you to insert a list of domains or URLs.

Because we're going to search for expired articles, in that case, those domains or URLs should be a list of expired or deleted domains that have a very low number of indexes on the Search Engine. Or, it will be better if they do not have an index anymore.

The next thing you need to do is specifying the output directory that will be used to store downloaded contents. No need to worry, TLDrop will automatically create separate folders based on the domain name.

Finally, you have to specify the output type. It could be an HTML document or a simple plain text.

Find expired article using TLDrop

Plagiarism Checker

Before redistributing the results, it is crucial to make sure that those contents are unique. Otherwise, it will be useless anyway.

There are many free plagiarism checker tools available on the internet. The most popular one is Plagiarism Checker from Small SEO Tools.