General Settings

This configuration section provides you an option about how TLDrop should work in general. For example, there are some cases where you didn't want to search for deleted Web 2.0. Then uncheck all options at the Search for.. part except Expired and Deleted Domains option.

Make sure that you have to select at least one domain type in this part.

TLDrop general settings

Move to the next part (Expected TLDs). You can select Top Level Domains you want to work with.

Just remember that you cannot work with unchecked Top Level Domain in any contexts. Which means TLDrop wouldn't process those unchecked Top Level Domains in the crawler nor when you try to import a list of domains to the result tab.

But again, those TLDs has nothing to do with Top Level Domain in Web 2.0. For example, even you uncheck .com TLD from the list, TLDrop will still enable to search for site if Deleted .blogspot Blogs option is checked.