Grouping Items or Domains

Organizing a domain list can be much more comfortable by grouping a particular column. Therefore, you will good to see a list of your domains with a better view.

Column groupping at TLDrop

When the domain list on the table is grouped by a single column, data rows that have identical values in this column are arranged into groups. And each group is identified by a group row.

Using the Group Panel

By default, TLDrop hides the group panel. You can show this panel by right-clicking any of the column's header and click Show Group By Box menu.

Then you need to drag a column you want to group and drop it onto that panel. To ungroup the column, just drag it back to the main table.

Grouping data using a group panel

Using the Context Menu

This method is even simpler, all you need to do is invoke a column's context menu by right-clicking its header, and click the Group By This Column menu.

Grouping data using the context menu

Rows are always sorted against the grouping columns. If data is grouped against a column which isn't sorted, TLDrop will automatically apply sorting to the column in ascending order.