Import Your Own Domain List

This one is just another method to find domains using TLDrop. Internally, this method will only use a Vanity Checker Service.

No need to run the crawler, simply import your list that contains domains you need to check. If TLDrop founds expired domain, deleted domain, or expired Web 2.0 from that list, then the Result Tab will get refreshed automatically.

The Downside

You could skip this part if you're only using this feature to check a list of Web 2.0.

As already stated before, this will only use Vanity Checker Service as a workflow. Therefore, it will be a bad idea if you didn't use proxies while processing an extensive list.

Well, the general crawler will only use that service if new links found. It should be fine because the Vanity Checker Service will have time to rest.

While on this method, the Vanity Checker Service will continuously run that might cause a WHOIS IP ban issue. Anyway, you can configure the WHOIS delay property on the Delay Settings.

Start Importing

On the result tab, click Add or Import link. A new dialog window will appear asking you to insert a list of domains.

Of course, you can import a domain list from the text file by clicking open from text file link in the window. Finally, click the Start button. That's all!

Importing a list of domains to TLDrop