Installation Guide

Installation of TLDrop is a trivial process. In fact, TLDrop comes with an executable installer that provides you a simple installation wizard window.

This wizard will automatically install prerequisites or required components if they're not installed on your computer yet.

System Requirements

TLDrop is a desktop-based software that currently only works with Windows OS. However, we have a plan to make TLDrop cross-platform on version 3. Please see the project roadmap for more details.

Minimum Specs

Before the installation process begins, make sure that your environment meets the following requirements.

Although the above requirements are satisfied, it will always better if you have the following recommended specs.

We do not recommend you to run TLDrop crawler directly on your local machine. Please use Virtual Private Server or RDP Remote Desktop instead for better performance.


To run all TLDrop functionalities properly, you will need to have administrative privilege on your computer. It grants TLDrop an access to perform read and write operations to application states or cache files.


There's no special thing, all you need to do is open TLDrop.msi file and follows the installation wizard window. That's all, and you're ready to go!

TLDrop installation wizard

If the installation process success, you should see a TLDrop shortcut icon on your desktop.

Register Your License

When you first open the software, a small window will appear asking you to enter credentials. Those credentials including, email address and authentication key.

In this case, the email address should be your email address used when purchasing the software while the authentication key is a license key consisting of several capital characters that we send manually via email after you made a purchase.

If you didn't receive a license key within 24 hours, please contact us immediately.

TLDrop login window

After you enter all the required fields, click the Authenticate button (this requires an internet connection). If your entered credentials are valid, the software will be restarted automatically.

This login window will appear on a fresh installation and after updating TLDrop.

Every time you open the software, you will need an internet connection to validate your credentials.