Manage Banned List

Once you add some domains to the exclusion list, TLDrop will never deal with those domains while performing a crawling task nor adding those domains to the result tab.

You could take advantage of including some domains to the banned list. This utility could be a nice trick for boosting up the Vanity Checker Service, learn how.

Adding Domains to the Exclusion List

Navigate to the banned settings tab. Click Add or Import button, the new dialog window will show up asking you to enter a list of domains or URLs that you want to exclude separated by a line.

You can also import a list from a text file by clicking open from text file link. Finally, click the Done button.

Add domains to the exclusion list

Removing Domains from the Exclusion List

Simply select domains that you want to remove from, then click Delete Selected button.

Remove domains from the exclusion list

Please note that this configuration changes will apply on a next crawl.