Manage Tasks That are Running

Each time you executed the particular TLDrop module, the software will create a new task, and you can watch that its progress on the Task Manager. This utility can be used to forcefully end any of those running tasks as well.

To open the TLDrop Task Manager, click the Task Manager menu, or simply press F10 key on your keyboard.

TLDrop's Task Manager

Stopping Specific Task

You need to select or highlight the task that you want to abort, then click Stop Selected Task link. Some of heavy (long-running) task like TLDrop crawler may take a while before it's completely ended. It depends on how many threads you were using.

That's because TLDrop needs to clean-up unused resources. It will be fine; all operations inside TLDrop are completely asynchronous, which mean the activities will run perfectly on the background without blocking any UI components.

Clearing Task Cache

This command will clear all caches used by TLDrop that are living inside system memory on your computer. After you removed all caches, the crawler process might become slower due to too many web page requests re-creation.

Please note that clearing the task cache has nothing to do with IP ban.

In fact, you can configure the cache expiration time on Memory Settings. Therefore, most likely, you don't need to clear cache directly from Task Manager.