Sorting, Filtering, and Searching

When dealing with an extensive list of domains, you will absolutely need a utility that can perform list-filtering, list-searching, or sorting operation to find the most valuable domain within the list quickly.

TLDrop comes with the exact utility, and it was pretty fast, the GUI was pretty much user-friendly. What's more, all the tables inside TLDrop have this kind of feature.


You can sort any kind of data type by any column. At run-time, click a column's header once to sort data ascending. Consequent clicks will reverse the sort order. Sort glyph (up or down arrow) in column headers indicates the current sort order.

To remove the sort order, simply click the Clear Sorting menu by right-clicking the associated column.

TLDrop column sorting


There are three main ways to do a list-filtering operation in TLDrop.

By Clicking Filter Icon

To invoke a filtering drop-down menu for a column, simply click the filter icon within the column header.

Select specific cell values in the Values tab. Now the displayed data will be filtered automatically. You can also apply filters to single or multiple columns at the same time.

Filtering column by clicking filter icon

Using the Auto Filter Row

Another way to filter domains list is to utilize the automatic filtering row.

This row is displayed above regular data rows and allows you to type in filtering values including * and % wildcards. And select filter operators such as; NotLikeEquals, Between, etc.

To show the auto filter row, simply click Show Auto Filter Row menu by right-clicking any of column header and vice versa.

Filtering column by using the auto filter row

To remove all applied filters, click the close button located at very bottom left of the filter panel.

Clear all filters


The searching feature allows you to apply a temporary filter that filters the domain list across all columns at once. To invoke this panel, press Ctrl + F keys on your keyboard or click Show Find Panel menu by right-clicking any of the column's header.

Type in the text you need to search for, then press Enter key or click Find button.

Column searching in TLDrop