Tips to Specify Seed Items

Seed items could be a list of web page URLs or keywords (search queries) separated by a line that you have to define before starting a new TLDrop crawler task. See Using the Crawler article to get more information.

You could tell those seed items is a starting point. The crawler will process the given seed items before it’s going to the next crawler level.

Use Authority Sites

An authority site is a trusted source of information. They deliver great value through their editorial that makes people trust. It is a good idea to use authority site URLs as seed items.

Hence, you have a higher chance to gather expired domains that have links to the authority sites. For example:

First, we need to collect quality aged domains from Thus we have to find out what URLs that gives those aged domains backlinks (backlink profile).

You can use Link Explorer by Moz, Majestic or Ahrefs. Finally, we use those URLs as seed items.

Use Keyword Shitter

If you are planning to use keywords (search queries) as seed items, then you can try to discover related keywords using keyword research tools like Keyword Shitter or Keyword Tool.

Now you can use those generated keywords as seed items.

Use Footprints

It is an excellent idea to combine keywords and search operators as seed items. In case you want to prevent the software from collecting web page URLs that don't contain "bargain" in its title. Thus you can use allintitle:bargain.

This article explains well some useful Google Search Operators. Please note that every Search Engine has differed search operators mechanism.