Updating the Software

Table of contents

To find information whether your software is up to date, click the Updates menu. It will gather update information from the server.

TLDrop updates menu

If your software is out of date, there will be a download link shown at the window. Just download the file from the provided link and do the installation as before. Don't forget to close TLDrop instance if it still open.

Please read the developer notes before you started installing the updates to avoid breaking changes.

Upgrade From Version 1

We've made significant changes at version 2. Most of the internal APIs, structures, and workflows are entirely different from the previous version.

Therefore, you will need small extra works to update the software. If you're from version 1, please follow below steps carefully, or TLDrop will not run properly.

  1. Uninstall the current version
  2. Optionally, delete all TLDrop's installation folders that are located inside Program Files
  3. Install the current update file
  4. Run the new version as administrator