Working With Metrics Checker

When it comes to SEO, it is very critical to have a tool that allows you to check and evaluate domain metrics.

TLDrop is bundled with it! Although you can see the metrics at the main tab, it will be a good thing to have a standalone metrics checker in one tool.

Available Metrics

The software pulls back domain metrics from various platforms. However, some of them require an external API key from SEO Rank.

See more information about domain metrics here.

You can even run the metrics checker without an API key. However, TLDrop will unable to fetch some fields that require it.

WaybackShows domain age based on Web Archive data
IndexesThe number of domain indexes on the popular Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
MajesticNeed SEO Rank API
Contains Domain Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Backlinks and Referring Domains properties
MozNeed SEO Rank API
Contains Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz Rank and Moz Links properties
AlexaContains Alexa Rank and Alexa Links data
FacebookShows number of Facebook likes

Running the Metrics Checker

The process can be done with the following steps;

  1. Click Metrics Check menu or simply press Control+Alt+M keys on your keyboard.
  2. Click Add or Import link, insert a list of domains to check separated by a line.
  3. Click the Start button, then you need to select the platforms that you want to use.

As always, you can watch the metrics checker process in the Task Manager.

TLDrop metrics checker