Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions about TLDrop, and the answers are supplemented with up to date information.

What is the system requirements?

TLDrop is a desktop-based software that currently only works with Windows OS. However, we have a plan to make TLDrop cross-platform on version 3. Please see the project roadmap for more details.

Before the installation process started, make sure that your environment meets the following requirements, or see our installation guide.

What are the differences with

Below are several advantages by using TLDrop over

  • We were using WHOIS servers. Therefore the domain availability checker has become more accurate
  • TLDrop allows you to find expired Web 2.0
  • TLDrop retrieve domain metrics using fresh data, not historical data
  • You are allowed to import your domain list and check their availability or their metrics
  • TLDrop is a flexible web crawler, it means you have a big chance to find quality expired domains in a specific niche
  • You can restore domain records from Wayback Machine to find expired articles

Is there any guarantee to get quality expired domains?

No, TLDrop only helps you to find expired domains. It just an extended web crawler, the result depends on your strategy. You can learn how to use TLDrop properly at our documentation page. It also covers several hints and tips to maximize the results.

Is there any refund guarantee?

Yes, you have the right to claim a full refund guarantee up to 7 days after the license is activated. All of the refund forms will only be sent through a PayPal account. If you purchased from our reseller or third party, please contact us before submitting a refund request.

How does the licensing system work?

You have the full right to use a TLDrop license or credentials on many computers at the same time as long as still in your control. Read more at our terms of use page.

Will I get free updates?

Yes, you will get lifetime updates with no-additional-cost. However, we cannot guarantee for keeping update regularly.