Terms of Use

These are the general terms and conditions on which we supply all our services for TLDrop software. If you use our services, you agree to abide by these terms.

Terms and conditions below may be changed any time at their discretion. Please contact us for more information


You have the full right to use a TLDrop license or credentials on many computers at the same time as long as still in your control.

It is strictly forbidden to resell licenses or even distribute licenses for free without our permission. We do live-tracking through our server. If we find a violation related to this point, we can deactivate your account without prior warning until you confirm what you have done.


You have the right to claim a full refund guarantee up to 7 days after the license is activated. All of the refund forms will only send through a PayPal account. If you made a purchase from our reseller or third party, please contact us before submitting a refund request.


We cannot guarantee that you will find a domain that has good authority. TLDrop software only helps and simplify your task from finding expired domains, deleted domain, or expired web 2.0.

We cannot guarantee for keeping update regularly. However, we provide a community site that you can use to send us a feedback.

These terms of use were updated on June 19, 2019